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The fabric

What fabric is best for me?

When we talk about fabric, we refer to the thread count and structure in the loom. The type of fabric can determine its softness, shine, density, and, in some cases, temperature. .

Selecting a fabric, especially for bed linen, is highly personal and depends on each person’s preferences. Some people prefer a light, fresh fabric with a more natural, matte appearance; others prefer denser, warmer, and shinier items.

Percale vs. Satin
Their main difference lies in their thread structure. While percale is made crossing one horizontal thread (weft) for every vertical thread (warp), satin is made with one weft thread for every four warp threads.
How does this affect the feel and appearance?
In the construction of satin, the threads are more exposed and the interweaving is minimised, for which reason it reflects light more, the surface is flatter and it feels warmer.

The Jacquard

Jacquard fabrics are weaved using a Jacquard machine that uses a computer programme based on pixels to create very elaborate motifs and patterns. This type of loom enables the creation of designs with a high level of detail and sophistication.


These fabrics can be made in satin or percale in areas where there is no design.

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