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Sustainability is our
way of life.

At Bassols, we opt for local products. We listen to and advise professionals in the industry to offer the best customised linen and cotton products.

We manufacture locally
so we can offer you km0 products

We use organic and natural materials.


Our products are completely free from plastic.


We create traditional products and finishes.


EU-approved production and sustainability standards.


We offer km0 and local products for hotels and restaurants in Spain.


We’re working to achieve a carbon footprint of zero by 2025.

Porque nada de lo que hagamos será nunca suficiente para conseguir el bienestar de nuestro planeta, desde Bassols nos comprometemos a no abandonar nunca la lucha por la sostenibilidad y nos enorgullece afirmar que seremos una empresa libre de huella de carbono en el 2025.


Green_Savanna Project
Here at Bassols, we’ve been developing the GREEN_SAVANNA project, a CDTI (Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology) project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), focused on developing sustainable textiles for hospitality, hotels and the home. With a start date of March 2021, in Barcelona, it’s expected to end in February 2023. The aim of this project is to research and develop technologies that allow us to obtain more sustainable, healthier, safer textile products for hospitality and the home. This is achieved by minimising the impact of the release of microfibres during use, and especially during washing, incorporating biocide technology capable of inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria, dust mites, fungus and yeast. Thus, by using product authentication technology and the composition of materials, we prevent there being a negative impact on the environment and product users.