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Linens atelier.

Discover what our linens atelier can do for your business.

230 years of expertise.

It all started in 1790. Eight generations later, we continue weaving linen with the same savoir faire, being one of the oldest European linen manufacturers in existence today.Since then, we have become an international leader in the textile market, working with prestigious clients within the fashion and interior design sectors. 

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In-house weaving is our seal of quality. We select the best raw materials on the market and work with the highest standards of excellence to create authentic sensations that inspire you to express your brand's identity.


Our production is MASTERS OF LINEN® certified, the mark of excellence for linen fabrics made entirely in Europe, at all stages of the process: from yarn to finished product. We work with the best flax in the world, grown in Normandy, Belgium and the Netherlands.


We create designs, you create trends. We offer a premium selection of finishes to inspire you without limits.


A naturally durable material inspired by our commitment to sustainability. Our linen is a 100% biodegradable fiber that uses only 4-10% of the energy required by other synthetic fibers.

"Sustainability is the beginning of a creation without limits." 

At Bassols, we believe in a future where fashion is inspired by the highest quality fabrics that have a positive impact on people and the planet. As part of our commitment to sustainability, we select fibers from the best linen in the world so you can create timeless trends. 

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