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We work together to increase the durability and resistance of products for leading hotels and restaurants.

At BASSOLS, we strive to ensure lasting sheets and tablecloths are also
soft and high in quality; we give you the chance to offer products for leading hotels and
restaurants. We work with materials and finishes that withstand the most demanding washing processes
while also offering an unrivalled feel.

Wash efficiency.
We reduce costs by offering a higher wash efficiency than other suppliers.
More than 230 years of experience.
We’re a Heritage brand offering prestige to restaurants and hotels seeking the best for their clients, and to launderettes looking to offer the best quality.
A brand with its own name and surname.
End clients recognise us and when they do, they value the experience as a guest or diner more positively. That leads to good reviews.

Some of our hotels.

Some of our restaurants.

The most powerful sustainability message on the market: km0.
Your client is looking for sustainable experiences. With Bassols, not only will you be able to offer certified cotton and linen items, but you’ll also be able to offer the highest levels of sustainability: km0 products manufactured and made in Spain.
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