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Your luxury culinary offerings deserve equally excellent table linen.

We have extensive experience working with premium and Michelin Star restaurants.

We understand the culinary experience is about more than just flavours. Everything counts: setting, flavour, presentation... We offer fabrics that enhance that experience for world-class restaurants.

A large number of deluxe restaurants in the Spanish market trust us. We supply more than 50% of premium and Michelin Star restaurants in Spain.

Our items for restaurants.
Individual tablecloths

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If it’s physically possible, we’ll do it.

The details matter. We offer incredible-quality items with the thread count you need (up to 1000) made in the shortest time possible. Egyptian cotton, Supima cotton, and Linen by Masters of Linen©, carefully and traditionally embroidered.


Whatever you need: we’ll do it. 

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Our know-how
We offer you everything we’ve learned from supplying some of Spain’s – and the world’s – most luxurious restaurants.

Some of our customers.

The most powerful sustainability message on the market: km0

Your client is looking for sustainable experiences. With Bassols, not only will you be able to offer certified cotton and linen items,
but you’ll also be able to offer the highest levels of sustainability: km0 products manufactured and made in Spain.

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