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Top-quality for the most demanding client.

Our most exclusive products, fabrics with first-class materials and thread counts of 650, 850, and 1000 threads, are available to the most sophisticated client. We are the leading national luxury producer for the quality, durability, and softness of items that harmonise perfectly with the difficult conditions at sea.

We understand the demands on board the world’s most exclusive yachts, which is why we offer our entire catalogue for customisation.
Because marine departure dates are often just weeks away, we work in record time to ensure all bed, table and bath linen is delivered and checked before sailing.
Here at Bassols we focus on more than just the thread count. We believe quality goes far beyond that. It starts with a selection of the raw materials and extends to handcrafting their finishes. We’re unrivalled in Spain when it comes to high quality.
The conditions at sea aren’t always the most suitable for keeping fabric in good condition. Our selection of noble materials and our careful, handcrafted preparation of items offer those exposed to saltpetre and humidity unprecedented resistance.

We’re proud to serve the best yachts around.

Our service meets the expectations of peak luxury.

Exclusive clients deserve exclusive treatment: contact us and a Bassols advisor will support you throughout the purchase and order process.

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