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Sustainability is
our way of life.

At Bassols, we opt for local products. We listen to and advise professionals in the industry to offer the best customised linen and cotton products. Craftsmanship is our raison d'être and our key to sustainable creations.

We manufacture locally
so we can offer km0 products.

We use organic and natural materials.

Our products are completely free from plastic.

We create traditional products and finishes.

EU-approved production and sustainability standards.

We offer km0 and local products for hotels and restaurants in Spain.

We’re working to achieve a carbon footprint of zero by 2025.

Because nothing we do will ever be enough to achieve the wellness of our planet, here at Bassols we’re committed to never abandoning the fight for sustainability and we’re proud to say we will be a company with a carbon footprint of zero by 2025.