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The threads

The thread count (from 200 to 1000 threads)
What is thread count?
Thread count is the number of threads there are in a square inch (2.54 cm) of fabric. At Bassols, you will find items ranging from thread counts of 200 to 1000 (one of the highest thread counts that exist).

Is an item of lesser quality if it has fewer threads?

Yes and no. The quality of the fabric is more closely related to thread quality than quantity. That said, to make a fabric with a high thread count, threads need to be fine and a fine thread can only be made with quality long and extra-long fibres. For this reason, a high thread count is generally a good indicator that the composition of an item is of good quality.

However, at Bassols we always choose long and extra-long combed fibres in the best varieties, whether that’s for fabrics with a thread count of 200 or those of 1000. So in the case of our items, fewer threads don’t mean lesser quality.

So why are they more expensive?
Although thread quality is just as good, their final price is higher because a higher number of fibres are used. And fabrics that have more than 800 threads need special care and attention in their production process.
Which one should I choose?
It’s a matter of taste. Fabrics with a thread count between 200 and 400 are lighter and fresher. With thread counts above 400, and especially in items with a thread count of 1000, the fabric is denser, more uniform, and smoother.